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A whole new game?

Category: Updates

I was thinking about creating a online RPG game, Like RuneScape, My time would be taken up in that so I wanted to ask everyone what they think of this? Let me know in Discord or the Forums or in game. Thanks.

It would be a whole new game But feel similar to Runescape.

Many Updates

Category: Updates

I've done with woodcutting and now works, There are also many more updates, See them all in our discord change-log. 

Woodcutting Disabled

Category: Updates

I have disabled woodcutting, I have done this because it would crash the server when people spam clicked the tree, Mining used to do this too, But I have fixed mining by rewriting the Mining code completely.

Woodcutting will be coming back soon as a few bugs are fixed.
If you find a bug, Please post on the forums or our Discord.

How to update Cache

Category: Help

White Whip Added

Category: Updates

I've added a White Whip to the Donator shop,
To be able to see it you will need to update the Cache.

I'm going to fix this to make it automatically download when you open the client, But for now, You will have to follow this guide.

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Lazy-Scape is currently in Open Alpha, You could be one of the first to begin Playing!